Adam Baskill

Drums & Percussion

Adam (or Baz as we know him) is the driving force and back beat of the band. A qualified drum tutor, Baz runs his own music store business and plays with Grey Café and his own originals band.

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Steve Pettitt - The Grey Cafe Band
Steve Pettitt - The Grey Cafe Band

Adam, or ‘Baz’ as the band know him is a fine drummer.  Fully qualified to teach, Baz runs his own music shop in Long Eaton called Fugue Music.

Adaptable to all styles and genres, Baz has played in bands most of his adult life, and has worked in stage production and stage musicals as well as perform in original and cover bands.

The younger member of the band, Baz sits right into the mix nicely and his positive attitude to all kinds of music, even ‘old school Rock n Roll’, makes him the perfect rhythm section for Grey Café.

It also helps a lot he owns a music shop!!

Adams Bio

I first started playing when I was around 5 when my parents bought me a kids drum set. I started seriously a few years later!

My passion for drums was ignited after watching a clip of John Bonham (lLed Zeplin) performing the legendary solo in ‘Moby Dick’. I then became obsessed with Bonhams powerful, yet delicate and precise finesse behind the drums. I then looked to the likes of Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa and became fascinated with jazz styles and big band.

I grew up around a lot of rock n roll, pop and blues which is what most of my playing is based around with a little hint of jazz here and there…

By 15 i’d become obsessed with the instrument and played through countless pairs of sticks with a couple of unsigned originals bands.

My taste for music just grows and grows …..

So, in short:
– 20 years experience playing (I’m currently 26!)
– Played for orchestras, bands, recording studios, musical theatre productions and more.
– Qualified and Fully Certified drum tutor
– Experience within music also covers working as a studio engineer, peripatetic drum tutor and music coach for local secondary schools.
– Owner of a musical store in Long Eaton –

Adams Gear

Gretsch USA Custom (which I just love), Evans heads, Vic Firth sticks, Bosphurus cymbals and Gator cases.