Gaz Taylor

Vocals & Lead Guitar

A true rocker, through and through!  Gary is the bands Lead Guitarist, with massive infuences from the Classic Rock days but a player of all styles and genres – just a fabulous guitarist!

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Steve Pettitt - The Grey Cafe Band
Steve Pettitt - The Grey Cafe Band

Gaz Taylor – The Cafés lead guitarist and second vocalist in the band.  Gaz was blessed with a natural talent for playing the guitar, and proves it each time he’s on stage with the band and takes a solo.

Having played support for up and coming bands like Def Leppard and Saxon back in the day, Gaz certainly came very close to making it to the big time, but not everyone can be in ‘the right place at the right time‘ I guess.

Easily as good if not better than the pro’s you grew up on, Gaz brings a light hearted, fun approach to his playing and makes every gig a ‘show‘ and good time for all those watching on.

Gazs Bio

I started playing at 16, after nagging my parents for a guitar through most of my late childhood and never getting one, to then getting my first job and buying my own!  6 months later I played my first gig!

Through the late 70s and early 80s I played every spare minute I had; refining my craft and developing my technique the best I could.  As I grew and played with lots of different bands in the Midlands and South Yorkshire, even played alongside some of the bigger names in rocks history like Def Leppard and Saxon, even charted a place higher than Judas Priest in 1981 in the Sounds Magazine charts!

Mid 80s through to 2004, a massive 20 years, I retried from music – concentrated on a ‘proper job’, gained a degree and had a family, but music never goes away.

In 2004, after seeing lots of local bands of the time and thinking, “I can do that‘, I bought another guitar and a new Marshall amp, and have been playing ever since.

Gazs Gear

I love my guitars!  I’m a PRS nut and have several in my collection all strung with Rotosound® strings – can’t beat ’em in my opinion!  In fact, thats what I gig, 9/10 times I go out, unless I’m doing a solo acoustic gig of course!

Certainly with Grey Cafe, as we have two guitarists, we try to mix up the sounds from each guitar a little.  I tend to stay ‘humbucker‘ while Steve is a real Fender guy, and so is usually on his Baja Telecaster or HSS Strat.

I play throught a pedal board which I’m pretty damn proud of, staright into my trusted Marshall JVM410. Keeping it ‘old school‘ this is a fantastic amp; the voice of classic rock!