Steve Pettitt

Vocals & Guitar

Steve takes centre stage for most of the night, sharing the lead vocals with Gary across the bands varied set list and providing crunching rhythm guitar to Gary’s soaring lead!

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Steve Pettitt - The Grey Cafe Band
Steve Pettitt - The Grey Cafe Band

The founding member of the band, Steve takes care of rhythm guitar and most of the vocal work in the band, but opts out of a few of them to let Gary take over and do the one’s he really enjoys playing too.

As a player, he’s been bashing away at the axe for something like 30 years and has major influences from players like Eric Clapton, David Gilmour and Jeff Healey, to name a few.  Definately a blues/rock player, Steve (like most guitar players) is ‘still looking for that tone’, and experiements with different styles and setups when he is allowed!

As well as playing, Steve takes care of the website and Facebook pages, as well as most of the marketing and promotion for the band.

Steves Bio

Well, I’ve been playing guitar since I was about 15 (an age ago), and also played around with other instruments like piano/keys and more recently, the drums!  Really enjoy playing live and it’s good to be with a bunch of similar minded musicians to now take Grey Café out on the road a bit!

I’m having great fun with Grey Café and this current line up – great bunch of guys and I have to say – Gary Taylor is probably one of the best guitarists I’ve had the pleasure of playing with – you need to come see this guy alone!

Over the years I’ve recorded a few CDs with fellow musicians and band mates, entered and came second in a national UK songwriters competition with a couple of guys from my school days (You know who you are Ian Dack & David Connelly) and played in various bands, on varying levels of success.

Steves Gear

Yea, I’m a bit of a gear head!  I love my guitars, pedals, amps etc and am lucky enough to have some nice bits in my collection.

For gigging though, I tend do stay with either my Gibson 1950s Goldtop Tribute guitar, a Fender Stratocaster HSS or a fairly new aquasition, a PRS SE24 Soapbar, all in black. Gaz sold me on PRS recently, so having tried one, I had to have one!  Amps, I recently switched to a Roland BluesCube and love it.  Easy to port around and with 60 watts, it’s plenty loud enough!

Pedals, again I have my fair share but for gigging with Café I tend to keep it simple. Some of the smaller venues we squeeze a 4 piece rock band into requires it!!! Couple of Boss & TC’s on there right now, and an MXR Phase 90 for Dakota!